With regard to basic nonprofit training, I would recommend some of the following resources from our catalog:

Emerging Leaders - our custom curation of leadership content, a wealth of courses for any leader or people manager
Essentials Certificates - our nonprofit essentials certificate programs are an excellent resource for basic nonprofit education, including Nonprofit Essentials, Fundraising Essentials and Grantseeking, along with our newest Financial Management certificate

To promote NPR with your learners, I'd first recommend an intro to NPR email campaign to your learners, with instructions on how to easily register and create their accounts by navigating to our homepage. Then, you can promote specific pieces of content (per the above) and/or curricula to them with simple email links. I've included some samples of launch emails from our marketing team for reference as you craft your marketing strategy.

To better track learning, our learning objects also have a certificate of completion available from any learner's transcript once training is completed, so you can actually ask learners to email you or their instructor those certificates to track completion if needed. Instructions on accessing the completion certificate are attached.


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